Pet cremation is an increasingly popular choice among pet owners, there is no need to bury the pet, allowing you to keep your pet close in a beautiful urn or you may choose to scatter the ashes.

Services are provided by appointment only.
Please call or text us at (573) 584-9701 to schedule.

Pet cremation rates are based on the weight of the animal.
0-40 lbs ………. $100
41-95 lbs ……… $115
95-150 lbs ……. $135
151 lbs and up call for a quote

For veterinarian centers, we offer timely cremation services. Contact us for a competitive quote.

Local home or veterinarian pick-up and delivery are available by calling or texting (573) 584-9701 to schedule an appointment.

All cremations come with a basic urn.

Generally, your pet will be returned within a week.